Myself and this Blog (Long Rant)

Hey Everyone!

I am Munira. Let me be honest, I suck at these 'About Me' things, big time. Even when I am supposed to submit my bios for academic or other purposes, I often end up asking my sibling for help, like ''Would you help me write my bio for this thing, I'm kinda confused what I am supposed to come up with'' o.O Spoken out of context, that would mean two things, either I am so extraordinarily talented so that my talents cannot be explained in a few mere paragraphs, or I'm terribly and irreparably socially awkward when it comes to expressing myself (and I'm afraid the latter one appears to be more correct for me.) So if you are thinking of getting to know me through this section, please bear with all the crap I'm gonna spew.

Sooo, my name's Munira (wait I already said that... never mind..) I like to dream and daydream and a big part of my day goes like that :p Job-wise, I teach at a university which has always been my dream job *_* Academically, I've completed my Masters and even though studying is the thing I'm the least interested in I still hope to go to a point from where I could look at all my previous works and be utterly proud. And before you get any wrong idea, I'm not talking about grades here (pfft like I care) I mean everything, like from bunking classes to skipping homework to girlish gossips to heartbreak rants and every little thing that may or may not be of any universal value.

So, the former paragraph shows that I'm kinda weirdly philosophic at times and rant nonsensical things Anyways,.I am also a foodie, and defying the general ideas, I do not care about calories and other scary health stuff. Well, that's probably because I have inherited one of the most awesomesauce familial genes and and can eat to my hart's content without worrying about putting on weight (almost). I love to tweak electronic gadgets, which stops functioning  altogether most often than not after I'm done tweaking it. I am a seasonal cook, but when I'm in the mood, I feel like putting my whole house in a pan and cook it as long as I can...okay that came out creepy. I promise I'm not into any voodoo stuff involving such cooking.

Most importantly, I love reading, everything except news papers and academic course materials. News papers give me panic attacks because as far as I can remember, I have regretted each of those moments where I had taken up reading one, just out of civic responsibility. I can't cope up with, let's say, bad guys and evil things :p And don't even get me started on the academic books *attempts a puke*

The only hobby I can remember sticking to from my childhood to these very days is reading. No matter what, I have always loved reading. Life has thrown big pile of craps often, obviously, but with a good book in my hand, I am all calm and lovely:p. Books may not have helped me solve my problems, but they definitely helped me grow strong. It's something I can't explain to someone who doesn't love reading. They are like, mana potions you use in RP games, that gives you strength or stamina to keep going. And they are so much more that, really! I'm kind of a socially weird person; I keep my presence on major social sites as minimum as possible, I don't interact much in real life with other people outside my house, may greatly appear as a snobbish and arrogant person and I kind of subconsciously drive away whoever attempts at befriending me. Books are possibly one of the truest and bestest friends I can always count on, no matter what.

Blogging just came to happen. To me, it's a little wonderland where I can actually be myself, which is quite funny since 'normal' people actually are more comfy in the real world, not the virtual one. But when I'm blogging, I feel like I'm a part of a very very veryyy beautiful world, where every word or every opinion of mine actually counts. I can laugh, cry, fangirl or virtually kick a character's butt while I'm ranting on books here, and people are not going to judge me at all (as we're pretty much on the same bandwagon :D). It's an indescribably amazing feeling! So yeah, I'm getting overcome with emotion and I should stop :' )

If you are a reader, a book blogger, a fangirl, a foodie, or the weird girl who is terrible at making friends, I'm truly glad you found your way through, and are welcome. Read, comment or just silently stalk my blog, I don't mind :p Also, you can reach me via other means. Chat up, or read a book along with me in or Goodreads, or tweet at @myselfmunira. As long as we belong to the same side of the boat, you are really very welcome xD