Review and Other Policies



I'm accepting ONLY and ONLY the following formats:
1. Uncorrected/corrected Paperbacks copies.
2. E-ARCs preferably in .mobi formats, otherwise epub is fine.

[Hardcopies always get priority as I'm not supposed to use e-reading devices for a long time.]

You can mail me here: muna849283[AT]gmail[DOT]com. Mention 'Review Request' or anything alike in the subject line otherwise with the number of emails I get, it's possible for me to not notice one with no/vague subject line. I don't usually reply to the review requests I'm not willing to take up. Sorry but I seriously deal with enough emails a day to take up more and I don't want anyone to keep waiting for my reply for ages!

In Details:
a) I accept ARCs as well as finished copies. If the book is a part of a series and I haven't read the former one/s, then I require those first. 
b) I will be accepting a very limited amount of review copies for Indies or self-published books for the time being. Don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of many Indie authors. It's just the time that I'm short of.
c) Currently (as of March 2014) I am accepting less e-books for reviews than before, unless it is in my Goodreads 'TO READ' shelf (the link can be found on my sidebar also). Sorry, I have a gigantic pile of e-books waiting to be read and reviewed at the moment and with my studies and other chores, it is quite exhausting for me to read an e-book (and I use -8 specs).
d) I WILL NOT post a review for a 1 or 2 star/s book. But review or no review, I will mention it in my Weekly/Monthly Book Haul feature and may occasionally list it in 'ARCs received' shelf on my Goodreads, Booklikes and/or LibraryThing page (LT is optional). Please send your requests at least 3-4 months prior to when you would like the review posted. This is because if it is a harcopy, shipping takes time, plus, I need time to read them. Additionally, keep an eye on  my blog posts so that you know when I'm totally full with requests and when I'm open to receive new ones.*
e) Though I read almost everything, I have a deep love for YA books, NA, some MG books; in short, there are a few genres that are always my favorite. These are:
  • Yong Adult
  • New Adut
  • Fantasy
  • Fairy tale/mythological retellings 
  • Dystopian   
  • Steam Punk
  • Paranormal & Supernatural
  • Mystery & Thriller
  • Humor
  • Gothic/ Horror
  • Romance/Light contemporary romance 
  • Historical Fiction
f) I do read Erotica, but I DO NOT guarantee a review for that, as I try to keep my blog as family friendly as possible. I will post a review ONLY if I find it really, really interesting. Generally, I just rate them or write a few lines as reviews on my goodreads.
g) I try being completely neutral and fair while reviewing, and none of my reviews are influenced or endorsed or prompted by any particular 'third party'. So please do not think I will write positive or negative reviews always (Read Policy d) ). My reviews are solely my opinion. Even if I do not enjoy one I never prefer to bash the author for it. As mentioned before, I may simply skip reviewing and rather occasionally post Books I did Not Finish in short; very short. If it's an e-galley received from sites like NetGalley, I do send my feedback, no matter how negative. 
h) The order in which I post and re-post my reviews-
Apart from these, my reviews and special blog posts appear also on the blog's Facebook Page, Google Plus and Twitter (links on my sidebar).


In simple words, EVERYTHING that appears as posts here are my own. I try my best to use proper credit for those that aren't, like any meme or feature started or hosted by my fellow bloggers. If you feel like I have 'stolen' anything from your blog, then just send me an email telling so with necessary proof and I'll look into it. 

If you are going to use my posts or writing or anything fro here that I own, please ask for my permission first. A simple email asking for it would do (and I don't bite whoever sends me emails). 

If you are an author or publisher, I know you must be damn busy to drop me an email. But still, it would be really, greatly appreciated if you let me know, via any other social means if not email. It is more because of the reason that I would definitely like to know that my reviews are amazing enough to be cited anywhere. All I am asking for is just a little bragging right ;)


    NOTE: At this moment I am only accepting guest posts from authors.
For the time being, I will be hosting authors whose books I have either read, or marked as 'to read' on Goodreads. I will not be accepting previously posted content. However, when hosting a book tour, there may be an exception.

If you would like to be featured on my blog In Vogue with Books, please email me with the following information:
  • Your name 
  • A short bio of yours
  • Title of your book
  • A brief description/blurb of your book and/ or link to Goodreads
  • Other related links (e.g your website, Facebook page, Twitter etc)
  • Mention your preference: a guest post or an interview?
  • The time (date/month/year) you would like to be featured here.
  • If you would like to include a giveaway. ** 

NOTE THAT: DO NOT agree to do a guest post if you are not willing to provide it to me on due time. Secondly,  if  you are coming up with guest post topic on your own then it's more than fine. On the other hand, if I'm the one to select a topic, then I recommend that you send me a copy of your book, that too AT LEAST 2 months prior. If it's a printed copy then the time is 1.5-2 months EXCLUDING the delivery time.
If you are up for an interview, then I'll be more than happy if you give me a particular question list. Otherwise, I must be given a week at the least to prepare the questions.

*Note however, that there are times when I have received review requests even after having a tight review schedule and the blurbs/briefings seemed really interesting to me, resulting in the acceptance of the request ultimately. But that happened for books of my favorite genres only. So do not despair and if your writing falls under one of the above genres then provide me with at least a blurb and a small briefing so that I can decide:) 

** If you want to include a giveaway, then I prefer you include at least one entry related to this blog (follow/ subscribe/ comment). It is not compulsory but I will be thankful and really appreciate it if you do :D

Thank you for your patience and understanding :)