Thursday, March 7, 2013

NetGalley : My Recent Favorite

As I consider myself to be an omnivorous reader, I read almost everything I come across, and in any format available. I personally prefer hard-copy of books though, cause..I don't know maybe because you don't have to worry about accidentally dropping them off, or about charging them properly, or about sleeping with and over them(!)...and you can always use them both as defensive and offensive weapon when fighting with your friends :D But as I spend most of my time in front of a PC now, it has become a lot more convenient for me to read e-formats, though the fatigue almost kills me sometimes.
NetGalley is a book sharing and reading site I happened to come across a few months ago in a forum discussion. I don't see much people talking about it but it's really a pretty cool site if you love books and prefer reading them in e-formats. Like LibraryThing, they too offer a various range of books. You have to create an account in order to request books and unlike LT, it doesn't cost to become a whole member. After joining, you can request them from the catalog available and if you're approved, you'll get to know through your 'Dashboard'.
It's pretty much same as GR and LT, though the interface is a bit different. It may take time for you to understand what's what but once you do, it's fun to some extent! You can 'Find Titles' to request, 'Browse Publishers'..and if you don't understand anything, consider looking at 'How It Works'. Unlike GR or LT though, it's not at all a social site, I mean you can't add people or communicate to them. You are only able to request books, add them to your shelf, download if approved and send feedback after reading. You can however, link your twitter, LinkedIn, blog or website to your NG profile so that the publishers you're requesting to gets a chance to know you better.
Till this date most of the books I have received are from LT, but currently I'm loving NG because within this short span of time after joining, I have received almost 40+ e-books. I have a tendency to review books after having finished them and I clearly seem to have no clue how am I supposed to finish this huge collection within a month (after that my exams will be knocking at the door and no matter how much I crave, there will be no chance of me reading them until the end of the exams :'( )
Soon I'll be posting here the titles I've won in NG and eventually their reviews. But as I am a tiny life, expect not to get the reviews soon enough!

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