Friday, April 19, 2013

One of the perfect days of my life :)

Okay this day is a veeery special one for me...which is the reason I'm writing this post. Today I got my new phone!!! HUGGGGGS!!!!!!!!

It's not iPhone or any Oh-My-Gosh branded phone..but actually it's THE PERFECT phone for me :D I actually got my first phone from my family when I was in my college (college in my country means 11th-12th grade) for my academic performance. It's been almost seven years and I'm still using that...which is like my baiiibyy :D :D but it's condition got hampered day by day [thanks to my manhandling :\ ] 

But after months of research(!) I finally decided to 'move on' and bought the phone just today. I just LOVE it!! And what makes me love it more?? The brand belongs to my country...eeeeks I 'm soooo proud! I mean no offense, I love all the brands but really prefer using brands belonging to my country to foreign brands. 
And another thing that's more awesome?? I FINALLY CAN READ PDF FILES IN MY PHONE!!!!

Well I still can't read .acsm files, but I have such a HUGE collection of PDF files other than ADE ones that I really don't bother right now! I went to buy it with my parents (that's NOT an abnormal thing in here and I love the fact). Since I got the phone, I have been hyperventilating and asking my mom (since she is like my bestest buddy :D) if she even realizes how much it means to me and she's like "Okay I get it now get over it dude!" and I am like-
Well no my mom and dad...they are probably the best parents of all...I'm definitely one lucky geek 8)
Okay ENOUGH of my blabbering...but I'm just so happy I couldn't help sharing it to all out there:)...
On a different note...I might be busy for the time being as my exams are approaching, though I will try very very hard to be as regular as possible here. But I may skip reviewing for a while and post only the weekly memes I participate in...I know my reader are all so nice and kind they'll definitely have patience ;)

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