Saturday, April 13, 2013

Promo Post : The Naga Experience

Book Synopsis: 

Inside each of us, there exists a great power. It is especially in the midst of pure darkness where even the smallest of flames shine as bright as the radiant sun. Know that though doubt and despair may try to worm their way into your heart, you are never alone. From a new mind comes the inspirational story of a young girl who must rise above many challenges in order to become a warrior. Adhering to the powerful lessons that her parents taught her, she must find the light in a dark and chaotic world.

About the Author: 

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in the fine city of Montgomery, Alabama.  Ever since I was young (well, younger. I’m still in High School) I had a wild imagination. From dragons to zokiras, my everyday thoughts would be filled with them. Fantasy worlds and the untold adventures that waited in them encouraged me to keep building and developing my imagination. What started off as one little girl with the ability to fly and talk to animals became a vast new world filled with creatures of untold origins.

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