Thursday, November 14, 2013

Back After a Totally Unplanned Hiatus

HELLLLLO! Gosh I missed this place soooo much! First of all my apologies for disappearing all of a sudden. I myself had not planned this break as well. I have got both bad news and good news. The bad news is, according to my neurologist I am not allowed to put pressure on my eyes for a long time, which means no more staying awake at night to finish a book, no more stalking each and every bibliophile (or bibliomaniac like me) on GR, LT, NG and all over the internet! :'( I mean, how cruel can life get? :\ So now my parents are up to following a strict constitution of not letting me spend excess time in most of the things I like (Why God WHYY?) Though I'll start posting about yummylicious books and reviews as I used to do previously, and this time there would be more reviews :D How come, if I've got eye issues? Now this is where my good news comes.

The good news is that my Bachelors exams are finally OVER! The results are not out yet but by God's grace I know I'm not going to fail (at least I'm that confident about my studies:p)  So I guess now one can call me a graduate (in my country you are called graduate only after you've completed Bachelors)! My official Masters classes haven't started yet, so I've got a LOT of time and yet a  LOT more on  my plate. I was scheduling my to-do list the other day and after a very meticulous calculation realized I needed more than 24 hours in a day and there was not a single task I could exclude from the list!!! (imagine my face at that time >.< ) I may post a thing or two among those other things besides reading in the 'Random Cool Stuff' area. 

So by now you may have already noticed that I changed my blog, quite literally. Well I wanted to start some things afresh, both in my personal and in my life online. I have changed my blog name (formerly The Book Eater's World) to In Vogue with Books,and this time I will try sticking to it.many of you may have come and seen the site load in a weird way, or full of utter crap, for that my apologies again. I'm quite a dummy when it comes to such redirecting, 404 or whatever techno stuff. My sibling who has studied and is quite an expert at all these techno thingy keeps me lecturing about 'self-help route' and 'try to find your solutions on your own so you don't become dependent on others' stuff. This time I was really too preoccupied to google even to find out how to keep things in order or at least show a 'maintenance' page while I'm setting this site up. So I'm sorry for that again, as I know it's very pissing when you land on a shitty page on the web. I myself was disgusted at times :p But I think the final result is satisfactory. What do you say?

It's still going to take a while for me to put some things, some old widgets and elements back on the blog and I really hope and believe all of you would bear with me (cause you people are really great:D)

If you have anything to share, suggest or comment on, please feel free. I would really love to hear your thoughts. Happy reading everyone!

p.s. I really missed you folks a lot! :D:D Feels like home now!


  1. Hi Murina,
    I'm a newcomer so your return is the beginning for me. Good look with your relaunch.

    1. Hey Mary,
      Thanks for stopping by. You have a really nice looking site.. just followed you on twitter:)


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