Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finally on Bloglovin!

I am very bad at resisting temptation. It's a proven fact to me. When it comes to blogging and books and my other web related hobbies, my logic and judgment seem to go on a stroll and never come back. This is proven again a few days ago, when I pathetically failed to resist myself from joining Bloglovin. (There were like two Muniras continuously convincing me, one with horns and the other with a halo!)

It's not that I don't like it. The site looks really pretty and cool. And some of the buttons are coolest among the lot.But with so many social sites and social activities to keep up with, not to mention my personal life that I often forget while I'm here, I had decided almost about a year ago that I won't be joining any other site that is directly or indirectly related to social networking. And in this time span, I have brutally disrespected my decision :p by signing up for almost 5-6 social sites, sometimes with no serious purpose! So I have taken another resolution:D I will NOT to make any more signing up resolutions in future *fingers crossed*

On a positive note, after google reader having said ta-ta bye bye, this seems to be a really nice alternative. I have tried a few others previously, but I feel that some of those really suck and I couldn't help deactivating or simply forgetting about my account. But within the very little time I have been there, I realized BL to be quite user-friendly and stylish. I'm already following blogs I always like to read and the feed looks very nice and comfortable. Really hoping it meets up to my expectations. For those who are interested or still looking for a replacement of google reader, go ahead and give Bloglovin a try! I feel you won't be totally disappointed:) Oh and yes, feel free to follow me on Bloglovin as well!

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