Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cover Reveal: City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments #6) by Cassandra Clare

*faints a couple of times*

Okaaaayyyyyy, so FINALLY, we have the cover for Cassandra Clare's final installment of The Mortal Instruments series. The last book *sniff sniff* , book 6, City of Heavenly Fire's cover was revealed on "The Insider" on January 14, 7pm EST on CBS channel.

Cassie Clare:

So remember I said the cover of City of Heavenly Fire was going to be revealed in an interesting way? I’ve finally been given the okay to say that it’s going to be revealed on television — January 14th on "The Insider" ( ) 7pm EST on CBS!

Now, the cover...


While the cover is, no doubt, GAAAAWWWGEOUS...a few things are bugging me...for instance, WHY is Clary in a white dress? For Shadowhunters its supposed to be a sign of mourning right? Or am I overimagining things? I really hope I am. Because I  FREAKING can't digest the fact Jace is, Jace has...I can't even say those words aloud -_- 

Which reminds me of another question, are those WINGS? You know, like black wings?? The ones Clary has dreamt of? The one I thought I had seen on City of Ashes too but later decided it was trick of my sight?
Or have I finally gone blind?? I may go insane by all this anticipation:p For once, I don't care about anything else, not about who is wins or loses, all I know that I don't want the characters I've grown so attached to like Alec, Isabella, Simon, Maia, Jordan and everybody else, even Church to die to fight off a stupid boy who definitely should have been sent to rehab a long time ago. And no matter how much I feel like Jace's character has gone through merciless butchering since the second book, from a badass hero to a plain lovestruck Romeo, I still can't accept anything happening to him AT ALL, or Clary, at any cost. Anything like that better not happen, or I might give up reading any such series books altogether from that very moment.So, to put it simply, these people better not die. I want them ALIVE Period. (Like that is going to change anything :\)



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p.s. all this reminds me I haven't posted my last TMI book reviews yet! Better get to that fast. Cheers and happy drooling over the cover everyone!!! :D

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