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Of Breakable Things by A. Lynden Rolland {BLOG TOUR + REVIEW}

Book Title: Of Breakable Things
Author: A Lynden Rolland
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural
Publication Date: April 29th 2014
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A captivating debut about the fragility of life, love, and perspective.

When Chase dies tragically, Alex embraces her own mortality. What she didn’t expect was that she’d have to make a choice: forget the years of pain and suffering once and for all, or linger as a spirit and get another chance at life and love.

Alex doesn’t hesitate to choose; she’d follow Chase anywhere. But the spirit world is nothing like she expected, and Alex finds she's forced to fight for her life once more. For even in a world where secrets are buried much deeper than six feet under, a legacy can continue to haunt you—and in a place this dangerous, no one is resting in peace.



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My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

My Review:

One thing I would like to confess, I read this book in a real rush. One reason is because I picked it up a little late, due to some unavoidable issues, and another one is that once I started reading it, it was so intriguing that I was cursing myself for not being able to read faster (lol that happens when I get too excited while reading a book) So if I miss out a few points here and there, please excuse me.

Having said that, I can now move on to my thoughts on the book. Firstly, it was the cover that blew my mind. It’s at a time creepy and intriguing and gives me a kind of weird (in a good way) feeling. And when I'd dived into the story, it was way more than that. Oh, the palpitations my heart had O_O

The theme of a romance prevails the story. And it’s not some normal creepy love story, it’s purely transcendental. With Alex and Chase the author has created a world that cannot be compared to anything in general, and its uniqueness is sure to fill up the heart of the reader inside you with butterflies. Still, the author didn’t seem to overdo anything. The romantic tone was there most of the times, but it never overshadowed any of the other themes.

Talking of themes, I liked how the author has dealt with some other important themes in the book, like family and friendship. She didn’t shy away in portraying a family with its own plus and minus sides. The friendship between Alex and Chase is something that makes the book really beautiful. Chase became friends with Alex and even after her flaws, she is special to Chase. What I loved was the fact that the author didn’t show it as an insta-love thing, because I get a little annoyed at that. Their relationship grew eventually and the process may leave you with tears (of both happiness and sadness).

I loved the narration technique. I feel its easier to connect to a character if the readers get to see the story from their povs. There are also alternating descriptions of different times that may feel a little complicated if you’re not paying enough attention, but those also, are no less interesting. There were some moments where the story seemed a little dragging but the overall story makes up for it really well.

I loved the afterworld building done by the author. It was nice to get to know things that are not earthly at all, and yet manage to look so realistic. You may even feel like you are out visiting a normal city in the human world. Even though the book deals with death and spirits and afterlife it’s not overly serious, to make you start yawning at a point (I do that with overly serious books) and the author makes it sure. One good part about the ending is you won’t feel like it’s a cliffhanger, yet it keeps some things unanswered, I guess that’s the whole point why I, or anyone who likes this book, would be looking forward to reading the second. Even if you have or haven’t read anything like this previously, I recommend you do read this…it’s really worth your time :D


A. Lynden Rolland was born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland, a picturesque town obsessed with boats and blue crabs. She has always been intrigued by the dramatic and the broken, compiling her eccentric tales of tragic characters in a weathered notebook she began to carry in grade school. She is a sports fanatic, a coffee addict, and a lover of Sauvignon Blanc and thunderstorms. When she isn’t hunched behind a    laptop at her local bookstore, she can be found chasing her two vivacious children. She now resides just  outside Annapolis with her husband and young sons.

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