Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bookish Bloggish Life: Discussion Posts

I have been planning to put my non-review bookish rants and blog ramblings under a specific feature. That way, it's easier for me to sort and maintain my posts. I love to learn things and share with people I know. So there are things that I find and really wish I could share with as many people as I can. Then there are moments when I just feel rambling about my bookish life or life offline at random, but being the kind of socially awkward person I am, I end up sulking in a corner and not sharing anything with anyone.

 So, yeah, this feature's going to serve both purposes. Sometimes I'll post useful things I have come across or learned through my book-blogging life and you'll get to know some random yet useful things (I hope!), and there will be times when you just have tolerate my jabbering because that's the way I am ;p. I'm really no expert and there are tons of people who know a way lot better than me, still if you think I can help you with any book/blogging issues, please feel free to ask using the Submit form. I'll surly try and post what I know and if I don't know the solution, I'll really try to find or redirect you to someone who might. Thank you for being with me :D 

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