Monday, March 11, 2013

Thaaank you Del Rey, thank you Ebury! XOXO

Today was pretty much the same...classes, people, bus, traffic, heat..then coming back home. It would have ended as a a below average day as per me...if things had suddenly not changed. My Mama (maternal uncle), who lives one floor down, had come to our unit saying there was a parcel for me. I thought it would be some random courier ( I do a lot of meaningful/less things for which courier is a must)..but the package made me skip a few heartbeats!
It was from the Ebury Publishers, Liesel Schwarz's A Conspiracy of Alchemists.  I fell in love with this book by looking at its cover alone. They had announced a giveaway on twitter about a moth ago and I was the lucky winner (I really do consider myself lucky lol) To be honest, after looking carefully at the packet I couldn't believe it was what I thought it to be. And yet, there it was, lying beeeeautifully on my right hand, as if smiling at me (Gosh I'm really getting poetically senti here!). 
I already have 50+ books pending on my to-read list, where not a single one is worth-ditching, and now one more...I have started considering the fact whether or not should I continue my academic studies; they'll rot in hell very soon for sure -_-
Can't say how beautiful it looks in real! Will try to read soon i'A (without trying to risk my graduation while doing so) and review will be up. Thanks to Liesel Schwarz for writing such a book which looks delicious alone judging from its at-a-glance material. Thanks a million to Del Rey Books, an imprint of EBury Publishing, a Random House Group Company for having this cute Giveaway! All of you are such sweethearts :D

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