Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Complete Monster Exchange Program by Terri Bogard {REVIEW}

Book Title: The Monster Exchange Program (The Complete Series)

Genre: Humor
Publication Date: June 25th 2012
ISBN: 1478151862
Edition Language: English

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In The Monster Exchange Program, a short story collection written by Terri Bogard and illustrated by Andi Bogard, the reader is transported to a high school in the near future where witches, robots, sirens and werewolves mingle in the school hallways. The result? Equal parts humor, horror, hormones and high school.

This book contains all 10 issues of the Monster Exchange Program*PLUS*Three full stories by special guest authors Andi Bogard, Melody Joseph, and Hope Sullivan McMickle*PLUS*Three bonus "shorts"

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

My Review:  

The Complete Monster Exchange Program by Terri Bogard consists of sixteen different stories, about monsters in a high school (a human high school!). Each story is peculiarly different than the other. 
I liked the stories in general. The characters, the dialogues, and the illustrations- everything is quite different than usual. It portrays the traditional concept of high school with very untraditional characters doing familiar moves. Sometimes the stories are not complete in them and have links to other stories.
As for the dialogues, I must warn that there are a lot of sexual references in most of the stories. If you are not comfortable or not allowed than please don’t read it until you are. I have no problem regarding this however but still in some places I found myself struggling a bit to get used to the references. Other than that I loved the dialogues. Some of them were simply hilarious according to me!
“When I see you look this good in your werewolf form, it makes me think that maybe there is room for monster-shaped models in the fashion world! I’m telling my mom tonight that I want to be a runway model!”

“If she can’t accept me for who I am, well, then she’ll just have to kill me, melt me down with her caustic stomach juices and feed me to my little sisters!”
The book is altogether a funny, comic, enjoyable read. Though I personally think it should have an 18+ rating, I would recommend it to the readers who want a good laugh, nothing too deep or serious.

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