Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Moon Child by Mark Lucek {REVIEW}

Book Title: The Moon Child
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy
Publication Date: February 27th 2013
                                     by Matador
Edition Language: English

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The Moon Child is an inventive and thrilling historical fantasy, set during the dark ages. It is a subtle and beguiling blend of magic and fantasy, combined with a historically accurate and well-researched background and deeply drawn, realistic characters that readers will be able to identify with. It is the story of the formation of an early medieval kingdom, of a clash between civilisation and barbarism and the beginning of the modern world. 
It is also the story of Iwa, a young girl caught up in events that she can barely understand, and unseen dangers that threaten to destroy not only her but all those she holds dear. Ancient forces will collide; a child will wrestle with a dark destiny as evil gods seek to bring their dominion over the world. A terrible price will have to be paid...

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

My Review: 

As the blurb says, Iwa is the protagonist of the story. The story starts with her too. A young girl in the tribe, her fate makes her lead a life unlike the other girls of her age- a life where one day she is suddenly to grow up.
    "Her dreams were filled with blood and fire and death."
Always considered an outsider in her tribe, she cares for them even if they don’t. When the woyaks attacks the tribe, Iwa is the one chosen to find poison mushrooms in order to kill the attackers. However, instead of finding mushrooms, she finds something else that challenges her knowledge of everything- herself and her life so far.

"Since when have the clan cared about me, any of them?" Yet for all that, Iwa couldn’t shake the feeling that she needed to go back. "Even a handful of mushrooms would be better than none."

The character of Iwa as a protagonist is shaped really well by the author. She exhibits some youthful characteristics wonderfully. Her own individual trait adds to this and creates a marvelous character.
"And if she’d so much as a knife upon her she could have crept up and cut your throats before you’d have finished your vodka."
And, I seriously have no idea why, while reading the story, I started visualizing Iwa as something like this-

Does she even look like a 'child' in any way? Guess my imagination is all messed up lol :p

However, I think there was more room for development of the other characters. The story at some places seemed to me to have become stagnant. But then again, I found the ending to be quite different, on the positive side.

I won’t say this is a super duper book, but it’s definitely worth a read. You’ll love the character and the setting of the story.

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