Tuesday, May 13, 2014

4 Apps Every Book Blogger Should Try

When you start out blogging, it's a pretty simple job at first. Gradually though, your blog starts growing and to keep things in order, one of the most important things is organization. Moreover, I believe that in book blogging, organization is far more important. Now since we have real life to maintain as well, things are not that easy often as they may sound. To keep my blogging issues sorted, I use some basic apps that really come in handy for me. What are those? Let's have a look: 

This is my BFF when it comes to keeping a track of blog tours/ blitzes/ hops and all those kinda stuff. There is a Pro version of it but the free one does already so much that I’m not planning to purchase the paid one yet (being the kind of miser I am :D ) All you have to do is create an account, which is totally free, or you can login using your Facebook or Google Plus account as well. But I suggest you do open an account, and also try using the email addy you use for requesting or accepting bookish offers like reviews, interviews etc, the one you use when entering to participate in a tour. That way you can get all your Wunderlist updates right on your mail inbox without bothering to remember other painful details. It's available on both Google Play and iTunes.

From Google Play

My two most favorite options are that you can sort your schedule in various order, INCLUDING DUE DATE. I know some other note taking apps have the same option, but for some reason this feels way more easier and awesome to me (yeah, I am biased, shoot me). And second, you can set reminder for the event whatever time you wish and after your work’s done, all you gotta do is tick the box beside each event off, and they’ll go straight to the bottom of  the list, in a separate area called ‘Completed Tasks’. You can either choose to see what’s done so far by choosing to make it ‘Visible’ or just see how many tasks are done. I prefer keeping it visible because no matter how weird I sound, it gives me an immense pleasure to see the things I have completed. I feel like I’m once again back to those Harry Potter games where you are given to master a spell and at the end a successfully completed spell test, there would be a completion star over the head of Harry or Ron or Hermione. PURE. JOY.

If by any foul play of my fate I get banned from using Amazon in the near future (which I hope never happens), this would be my only escapade. My solace. And it literally was the first and the last thing to read books before I’d got my Kindle. Even though there is a free version and you should most definitely try it out first, I strongly suggest you to buy the Pro version. It is worth every penny. With Moon+ Reader Pro, you can read almost every familiar as well as not-so-often-used book formats. You can even read books that are in Kindle formats and word documents file (sometimes images too!). It's also available on purchase from Google Play.

From Google Play

Kindle for Android App

From Google Play
If you already have a Kindle reading device, you may skip this part. I suggest using it for those who use Android mobile devices to read. No matter how useless or weird it sounds, people do use mobiles for reading. I myself did, at one point, and that too not very long ago. I still do sometimes. I got my first ever Android phone only because I didn’t have any reading device back then and needed something to make work with. And aside from Moon+ Reader Pro, this is one of my most favorite reading apps. I still have to use it sometimes, since I cannot carry around my Kindle Fire everywhere. I bet it’s not only me but loads of people who does the same, because of the crappy transportation hassle we face here at our place. So for all those reasons, Kindle App really comes in handy for reading on the go. You can get it also from Google Play.

Okay, that’s not exactly an app, but it’s become more like one to me. Be it my academic mails, my co-curricular stuff, review requests or book tour materials, Gmail label is almost unbeatable. I’m saying almost because I haven’t used anything else since I got a hang of this labeling feature, so I’m not sure if other mail clients have that. But I don’t want to risk it because it’s become more like my sticky note pad which is an ultimate solace for mentally impaired and horribly unorganized person like me:p Adding this feature is by far the bestest thing that Google did, in my opinion. And did you know you can customize the label colors and label text colors, as well as create nested labels? I LOVE Gmail.