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Rebel (Reboot #2) by Amy Tintera {REVIEW}

Book Title: Rebel (Reboot #2)
Author: Amy Tintera
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Romance, Action
Publication Date: May 13th 2014
                                  by HarperTeen
Previous Book in the Series: Reboot (Reboot #1)



The sequel to the action-packed Reboot is a can't-miss thrill ride, perfect for fans of James Patterson, Veronica Roth, and Marie Lu.

After coming back from death as Reboots and being trained by HARC as soldiers, Wren and Callum have finally escaped north, where they hope to find a life of freedom. But when they arrive at the Reboot Reservation, it isn't what they expected. Under the rule of a bloodthirsty leader, Micah, the Reboots are about to wage an all-out war on the humans. Although Wren's instincts are telling her to set off into the wilderness on their own and leave the battle far behind, Callum is unwilling to let his human family be murdered. When Micah commits the ultimate betrayal, the choice is made for them. But Micah has also made a fatal mistake . . . he's underestimated Wren and Callum.
The explosive finale to the Reboot duology is full of riveting action and steamy love scenes as Wren and Callum become rebels against their own kind.

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My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

My Review: 

It's an apt sequel to the first book. I'm so glad to have finally read it. Thankfully, I started the series just a few weeks before the second one came out.

The cover.

It is awesome. Have you seen the cover? I remember looking at it for at least five minutes. Straight. I love it. Even more than the first book I guess. Plus, that shade of blue is personally my favorite.

The narration.

Dear Amy Tintera, I want to hug you. Seriously. How in the earth did you know I LOVE books with perspective narration? I remember opening it to chapter 1, that starts with Callum telling the story and letting out an uncontrollable squeal. Let me tell you one thing peeps, it may seem pretty easy writing a book from different character's pov. But as a reader I have seen that many authors tragically fail to pull this off successfully. This is not the case here. The characters are so well-spoken (I'm sure that's not the right way to describe it) you'd feel like you personally know them.

p.s. Chapter 39 actually surprised me ;)

Wren and Callum.

The book narrative alternates between Wren and Callum. And as for Callum, he is a sweeeeetheart. And he is not the mushy gushy romantic guy. I like romantic heroes, but given the circumstances, showing Callum as a hearts and chocolates boy would have spoiled the mood. He is not a heartless unromantic person, since he doesn't seem to notice any other girl that way except Wren. He just have his priorities set, given the situation.
Wren is, Wren. She isn't on board with the whole idea of saving others through a rebellion, be it Micah's rebellion or Callum's protest against the rebellion. There are times you may feel like getting pissed at her but then again, everything can't be seen as just black and white, according to what Wren believes.
Both Wren and Callum have moments of romance, conflicts. But what impressed me is that they both try to understand the other's feeling by putting them in each other's shoes. Within all this chaos, their relationship, without being all sticky and too much, surely stands out.


The reason I have provided you a solely individual para is because you deserve it. Even though I know everything can't be described as black or white you made me describe you with one word. Vile, mad (okay that's two but whatever). You're sadistic, and you need serious help, though I doubt anyone would willingly volunteer for that. You reminded me of my sheer hatred for Dolores Umbridge and Coin from The Hunger Games,  maybe 5 times that feeling. Congrats. You are my hopeless ruthless feel-like-punching-in-the-face-hard villain of the month! Or, since mere punching wouldn't kill you, I'd rather prefer throwing you off of a shuttle, with a bullet in your brain. Yeah, that sounds promising :)

Callum. Again.

Well, it's not my fault. His presence, as well as absence is so dominant in this book it'd be an injustice not to mention him separately. Callum goes a gradual yet noticeable change from Reboot to Rebel. He is still the same person at the core. But somehow he has grown up to be more mature in Rebel. He just doesn't hope or dream, he makes the plans and known how to put them to use to achieve the goal. In Reboot, if you feel for once that Wren is the one saving Callum's back, then you'd be surprised to see how that has changed in this one. And it is not only Wren, but a lot of other people, be it Reboot or human, that look up to Callum in a messed up situation. Personally he had seemed a little bit childish to me in the first book, and here he still manages to do so, while being more mature. It's a combination of everything and you cannot not love it.

Addie. Gabe. Riley.

I freaking LOVE Addie here. I didn't know what to think of her when the author introduced her for the first time in Reboot, but since then she kept on surprising me. She is such a well-built character and so nicely portrayed that she's the only one I would name as my favorite after Wren and Callum. I loved the bonding of Wren and Addie, and how the latter is always at such an ease with Wren, as if talking to a very old school friend.

Then there is Gabe. The sweet, lovely, human Gabe who is possibly the only most-willing human, sticking to Wren and Callum's plans. He really deserves a salute for everything he does. And though the Addie thing was a little surprising for me since it seems to come all of a sudden, I LOVED it.

What can I say about Riley? He is Wren's trainer, so he's got to be special. And that reason alone made him likable to me, along with various other reasons, like how he's not like what I had pictured him as in book 1, and how he teases Wren about Callum. EVERYTHING. And I know things are supposed to happen in a book, for the credibility of the story or whatever, but I was sad seeing the ending he's got.

The Ending.

The last few chapters were a little less action packed and adventurous. Since it is the last book of the series (at least till now), things are supposed to end so I could live up with that.

Just the last few lines of the last chapters. One Word. Awesomesauce. 

Rebel was published on 13th May 2014, meaning yesterday! Just go and get your copy. If you loved Reboot, please please do not miss this!

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